Monster Hunter International, the first book in the Monster Hunter series.

The Monster Hunter series is set in on alternate Earth where all the storybook monsters are real. In the United States, the Monster Control Bureau (MCB) is in charge of taking out those monsters which cause problems and keeping tabs on those which just want to get by without bothering anyone. They also oversee the PUFF bounty system, which allows independent monster hunting people or groups to earn bounty money for either destroying or bring in monsters operating outside the systems established by the MCB.

Works in the series

Main series

The main novel series includes:

Monster Hunter Memoirs

This trilogy is co-authored with John Ringo, set in the 1980s, and follows the adventures of Oliver Chadwick Gardenier.

Anthologies and omnibuses

Game books

Short fiction

Short stories, novelettes, and novellas, listed alphabetically:

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