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This is an alphabetical list of monsters in the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia.


An Adze is a vampiric monster native to Africa. In the wild it takes the appearance of a firefly, but in the presence of humans it takes on a human form[1]. See Adze for more information.


Alps are the monsters under the bed. They are incorporeal nightmare creatures that feed on the fear of children. Alps cause nightmares in order to create fear, but but are generally weak and cannot give nightmare to humans more mature than a child.


"Children of the Mountain" the Assaku serve and worship the demon god Asag. They are humanoid in appearance with extra long arms and legs and hands that end in sharp claws. The Assaku have white skin and black eyes.


A cryptid is a a creature whose existence has been suggested, but for which there is no solid scientific proof of existence (e.g., yeti, bigfoot, chupacabra).

A famous image of Bigfoot.


Bigfoot is the name given to a cryptid ape- or hominid-like creature that some people believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq'ets. (Wikipedia)

  • Swamp Ape is the lower-land breed of the Bigfoot


A chupacabra, also known as a "goat sucker", is a is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas, with the first sightings reported in Puerto Rico. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. (Wikipedia)


A yeti is an ape-like cryptid taller than an average human that is said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. The names "Yeti" and "Meh-Teh" are commonly used by the people indigenous to the region, and are part of their history and mythology. Stories of the Yeti first emerged as a facet of Western popular culture in the 19th century. (Wikipedia)


A one-eyed monster that is to humans in both size and appearance. Unlike in Greek mythology, Cyclops are not giants but the size of a modern-day human. They have one eye that can see through multiple planes and dimensions when focused. They give a whole new meaning to the term, "remote surveillance".


Any of a variety of entities from other dimensions. They are typically numbered among the "Fallen" and have escaped the Void to inhabit different forms of bodies on earth.


Elves are an ancient race, dating back to the days of fey. When fey ruled the world, elves were one of their many slaves.

After humans defeated the fey, elves became a proud and independent race. They occupy all continents of the globe and are benign. They do not harm humans if they are left alone and on occasion they will provide magical services and insight to monster hunters that provide them appropriate offerings.

Elves are similar in appearance to humans except that they are tall and have pointy ears. Elves are not PUFF applicable.


The Fey are any of a variety of fairy folk. They have innate magical abilities and are usually mean or mischievous in nature.

Baba Yaga

A Baba Yaga is a slavic form of fey. It has the appearance of an old woman who lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs. Folklore on the Baba Yaga ranges from stories of the monster eating children, to helping male protagonists find their lost brides.


Known as the "eating monster", it is a form of fey that is native to Portugal. To learn more about the Bicho-Papão click here.


In their natural state, they appear to be semi-transluscent whitish amorphous beings with eyes which can extend on stalks. They have some mind reading abilities, which allow them to better mimic the person or being they are replacing. They will usually kill the person they are mimicking. It is rumored that there are a large number of them living as humans all around the world, many in places of power.


Small winged creatures that are considered pests by the Elves.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt consists of a Hunt King and his companions. They ride on large, insectoid horses and embark on quest-like hunts. They can be brutal and bloodthirsty and are incredibly dangerous to encounter.


A Slavic fey monster that is known as a 'male water spirit'. It has the appearance of a frog-like man and can be found in Eastern Europe. To learn more about Vodyanoy click here.

Will O' Wisp

A small bright orb that is the projection of a spirit or telepathic energy. It can be a sole creature or the manifestation of a conscience that still posses a body. Will O' Wisps can exhibit great power over electronics, enabling them to open locks, travel through phone lines and even hack and manipulate computer technology with such proficiency it is undetectable.

A Will O' Whisp was traditionally a slave of the fey or a curse by them, rather than being traditional fey themselves.


Magical constructs made from solid stone. Their joints consist of super-heated liquid metal, allowing them free range of movement. They are extremely tough and hard to defeat, though they are vulnerable at their joints.

A depiction of a giant from the cover of Monster Hunter Siege[2].


Giants are so rare they were thought to be extinct until they were identified at Severny Island. Giants are humanoid in appearance with large, misshapen heads and blue skin. They are the size of a house with legs as thick as tree trunks. Giants are extremely hard to kill and are capable of eating entire towns by themselves.


Large blobs that have a large circular mouth filled with teeth these vile creatures sneak up from underneath houses, through floorboards and eat entire families.

Indonesian blood fiend‏‎

Blood fiends are creatures that feed on the blood of other living creatures, similar to how a vampire feeds on humans. Blood fiends are immune to fear but have a terror gaze that can immobilize their victims.

Blood fiends are humanoid in form with a dark red or dark purple, scaley hide. They have red eyes, a muzzle and four arms that end in sharp claws[3].


A large sea monster with a cephalopod appearance.


A roman monster similar to a vampire. See Lamias for more detail.


A necromancer who has delved so heavily in magic that he has bound his spirit to an object, making him unkillable unless the object his spirit is bound to is destroyed. Lich often perform necromancy to create and raise various forms of undead. See Lich for more detail.

A depiction of a Luska from Mark Ramsey.


A gigantic octopus with the head of a shark. Found most commonly in the waters surrounding islands. Hated by hunters.


A lycanthrope is a human who has contracted a pathogen which causes them to change into a hybrid human-animal being either at will or at some other time (often, the full moon). See Lycanthrope for more details.


A hybrid between a man and a bull, also referred to as ‘Bullmen’. Minotaurs are bipedal with the legs and head of a bull but the arms and torso of a man. They are tall and incredibly strong. Their hides are bulletproof and a Minotaur can sustain significant damage before going down.

Minotaurs live in herds and are generally peaceful when left alone. A notable Minotaur from the series is Travis Alamo Sam Houston.

Monkey Monsters

For lack of a better name, these "Monkey Monsters" were identified during the siege on Severny Island. They are the size of a baboon, and have obsidian bodies with jade colored eyes. These monkeys are relatively easy to kill and rely heavily on camouflage and strategy to gain the upper hand in a fight.

They are intelligent enough to be able to use their environment to their benefit, camouflaging themselves against the obsidian rocks surrounding the City of Monsters and hiding in a chokehold in order to spring an ambush on anyone, or thing, that passes through. The "Monster Monkeys" use rocks as projectiles and are capable of throwing them with such force and velocity they are able to dent armor-plated vehicles.


Brutish-looking humanoids with tusks and greenish skin. They generally avoid humans, and often live in remote parts of the world. Each orc has an innate ability, something at which they are extremely good.

Skippy and his tribe originally lived in Uzbekistan and were moved to the forest near the MHI headquarters in Alabama in order to protect them from harrassment and PUFF-seekers.

Old Ones‎

Creatures described by H.P. Lovecraft as being alien gods who want to invade our dimension and take control. See Old Ones to learn more about the different classifications of Old Ones and their servants.


Giant spiders with a venomous bite, they range in size from a small terrier to as large as a U-haul. Shelobs, a sassus queen, can be found individually but it is more common to find a nest of sassus led by a Shelob. They weave funnels out of their silk wherever they are nesting in order to trap potential prey.

When they hunt they leave their nests, find victims (animals or human) and bite them. Their venomous bite will paralyze a victim but will not kill them, allowing the sassus to feed on them while their blood is still warm. Their venom is incredibly painful and even if a victim is not eaten by a sassus, they will die from the venom as it melts their bones and internal organs, slowly, resulting an incredibly painful death that can not be stopped.

A depiction of a Swamp Lurker from the Pillars of Eternity wiki.


A siren is a supernaturally beautiful woman who’s song can control the minds of men. Traditionally, sirens have haunted the seas and lured men to their deaths through their song.

Swamp Lurker

A reptilian, swamp-dwelling creature that resembles a mutated snapping turtle. See Swamp Lurker to learn more.


An African water spirit known for luring women and children to a watery death through its power of illusion. Tokoloshe can look and sound just like an infant to lure in victims who try to help it before murdering them. Under their illusion they are small and similar in look to a hairless monkey. They have sharp claws and odd joints.


Undead are those brought back from death into a non-living state.


Ghouls are a form of undead. Tougher than zombies, they are like "super zombie[s] on crack"[4]. They are intelligent and fast and are often found in groups. They are rare but when they are discovered they are usually in cemetaries, as they are carrion feeders.


The spirit of a person which is unable to move on after death.


A 'death shadow', a Shade is a form of undead that has no body but when its 'shadow' passes through a living creature it kills them, "sucking" the life out of them.


A form of undead, the "toughest of the zombie family"[4]. Wights can cause instant, although temporary, paralysis. They use this brief paralysis to kill and eat their prey, not always in that order. Wights are insanely strong but are susceptible to silver and fire.


A supernatural being who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. They are one of the nastiest monsters in existence, and are extremely tough, extremely smart, and extremely fast. See Vampires to learn more.


The walking dead. Zombies are slow and unintelligent but their bites are deadly. A bite from a zombie is a death sentence, no human has ever survived a zombie bite. The real danger of a zombie is getting caught in an enclosed space or being overrun by a heard. Zombies are vulnerable to silver but to be killed their brains need to be completely destroyed; one, small head shot will not be sufficient.


A form of werewolf undead that are powered by the amulet. The vulkodlak are vampiric, their only desire is to spread their curse; when they kill they do not stop to consume the flesh of their victims, but immediately search for new victims. The curse is spread just like the werewolf curse is spread, through their bite.

Vulkodlak have the appearance of humans partially through the werewolf transformation. They can be at any stage, nearly completely transformed or barely changed at all.


Giant wolf-like animals, the wargs are used as mounts by orcs.

A depiction of a Wendigo from Historic Mysteries.


Human shaped but taller and leaner, wendigos are said to be the spirits of humans who committed great acts of evil, usually cannibalism, and were cursed.

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